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Passenger safe are international pioneers, in the design and implementation of training and consultancy provision for managing disruptive behaviour. For two decades now, Passenger safe have assisted organisations worldwide to minimise both the operational and associated risks to reputation that are often part of the fallout of incidents in transit.


Ensuring legal compliance and balancing passenger safety along with staff security & wellbeing, is exactly what we specialise in. We have a passion for it.


We work with a wealth of companies who have all revolutionised their organisational approaches in assisting humans, in how they deal with other humans, managing threats posed in the air, on roads, rail, whilst at sea whether the passenger is there if their own free will or not.


Our fully compliant, bespoke packages are backed with awarding body certification, with clients including air ambulances, Boeing, TUI, Carnival, Aida, Costa, Airports, PICUs, Corrections, enforcement Juvenile Training centres, by Police forces. Our Soft Restraint kit (Softcuffs, Soft Restraint Belts and the Safe Holding systems) are used daily across all sectors reducing the risks of positional asphyxia including in our mental health establishments, by the Police and across the secure estate. 


Training options are supported by awarding body certified qualifications with BTEC Level 3 instructor and train the trainer programmes.


Passenger safe, because we are ALL passengers.

Soft Restraint Kit

Our Soft Restraint Kit is a softer, more humane alternative to the other intrusive methods of control and restraint.

Made of “tough cloth” the Soft Restraint equipment, which includes, cuffs, belts and a safe holding system® and accessories, was designed and developed to offer staff superior control of a person where there is a need to safely control and transport a person and to prevent those who attempt to self harm.

Take a look at the short videos demonstrating the soft restraint equipment. 

It provides a softer, more humane alternative to the other intrusive methods of control and restraint. It is a lightweight, uniquely simple device that is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for the person; but still provides optimum strength to the equipment. 

Soft Restraints® have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 10535 and reviewed by the Home office’s preferred leading medical expert.  They are designed to reduce injuries and subsequent litigation and often provide the least intrusive option available. Clients who have benefited from the kit across the world include healthcare, forensic settings, child and adolescent services, special education, prisons, policing and patient transport.




The Soft Restraint Cuff® offers staff an ethical alternative to maintaining control of service users with restrictive mechanical restraints or where prolonged holding is a regular occurrence.  Wherever there is a need to support, hold or transport a service user, Soft-cuffs® provide a softer, more humane alternative to metal handcuffs and a less invasive alternative to prolonged manual holding especially during procedures and treatments or where a person is frail or has adverse skin, tissue or bone conditions. Soft-cuffs® can be used in conjunction with the Soft restraint belt and are used widely internationally and here at home with multiple case studies with care plans ready to be adapted.

Soft Restraint Belt®

The Soft Restraint Belt® gives the effect of ‘putting handles’ on the body. These modular elements of the Soft restraint kit are versatile and can be applied to the upper or lower torso of a challenging, injured, or passive subject allowing them to be held, moved, supported and even carried with ease. Compliant with Health & Safety Regulations and international guidance on reducing restrictive practices, the SRB ensures staff have the potential to handle, lift, support and move challenging or injured individuals in the course of their employment, including administering personal care.


The Safe Holding System®

The Safe Holding System® is a Soft Restraint Belt with Soft-cuffs fixed in place. This product was designed and developed based on customer feedback across our wealth of UK NHS services and is a viable option for negating the requirement for prolonged manual restraint. It offers staff superior control where there is a need to safely hold, turn or transport a person. It’s uses include assistance in the prevention of self-injurious behaviour, transitioning from mechanical restraints to holds and re-integrating people from seclusion. Lightweight, uniquely simple and ergonomically designed, it provides comfort for the person; but still provides optimum strength to the belt.


Soft Restraint Training
The Soft Restraint equipment is not issued or sold without certified training. This has been a key issue with the nationally and internationally established credibility with the device.
The training programme is tailored to ensure it is “profession specific” and based on the needs and requirements of your staff and service users.  

Course Aim


The aim of this course is to instruct participants in the underpinning legal knowledge and the working principles of how to use Soft Restraint equipment safely.


Course Objectives


1. Identify the Component Parts of the Soft Restraint.

2. Identify the Risks Associated with the use of the Soft Restraint.

3. Understand the Health & Safety implications with regards to the use of the Soft Restraint

4. Understand the Law in relation to the Soft Restraint as a Use of Force option.

5. Apply and Remove the Soft Restraint in a Safe and Effective Manner.

Product Information
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"We integrated a patient from long term seclusion using the Safe Holding System, which meant we could now get her out twice a day with minimum incidents arising which is a huge change to her care (she was only getting out 15 minutes a week before – with incidents on most occasions!)".  

“The Soft Restraints allow us to administer personal care safely”.

"Using the Soft Restraints has reduced staff injuries drastically"



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