Soft Restraint Training
The Soft Restraint equipment is not issued or sold without certified training. This has been a key issue with the nationally and internationally established credibility with the device.
The training programme is tailored to ensure it is “profession specific” and based on the needs and requirements of your staff and service users.  We provide both end-user and train the trainer courses with the theory session as an online course.

Course Aim


The aim of this course is to instruct participants in the underpinning legal knowledge and the working principles of how to use Soft Restraint equipment safely.


Course Objectives


1. Identify the Component Parts of the Soft Restraint.

2. Identify the Risks Associated with the use of the Soft Restraint.

3. Understand the Health & Safety implications with regards to the use of the Soft Restraint

4. Understand the Law in relation to the Soft Restraint as a Use of Force option.

5. Apply and Remove the Soft Restraint in a Safe and Effective Manner.

Train the Trainer Open Courses

Due to the current pandemic all our face to face training is now on hold until we are all able to resume our daily lives.  

During this time we want to continue to support our past, present and new customers and so we are offering the option to extend your certification for 3 months or your can refresh or have new training delivered, using videos and our virtual and online resources.

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In person training will resume when it is safe to do so.

TBC - Preston, Lancashire

Cost: £395+vat per person

This course is designed to act as a refresher for any Officer Safety trainers from Police forces nationwide or for those looking to qualify as Soft Restraint Trainers.

With optional inclusion of the safe and effective use of mechanical restraint equipment, this one day course can serve as a refresher for those who are out of date with their requalification for delivering officer safety training modules including Soft Restraint Belts or, to upskill those who haven’t used Soft Restraints before.

Equipment covered on the day will include all aspects of The Soft Restraint Kit: The use of the Soft Restraint Belt, the sole application of Soft-cuffs and how they work in unison with SRBs. The Safe holding system and transitions from Rigid cuffs to Soft Restraints and the new Safer Emergency Evacuation Lifting Sling which is ideal for mobilising larger subjects.  

Emergency Response Belts, the Soft Restraint Kit and the Safer Emergency Evacuation Lifting Sling are all items of work equipment and their use in the United Kingdom is governed by PUWER (Provision and Use or Work Equipment Regulations). As per our requirements under Section 6 we do not supply kit without evidence of training.

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